Life Budget Tracker (Original Version)

Life Budget Tracker (Original Version)


The ultimate budget tracking tool. Take control and manage all your personal finances like a boss. This budget tracker is a tool to assist you with planning and tracking your day to day income and expenses. Includes our handy savings planner to help you reach all your savings goals!

With a very easy-to-follow inputs process, the tracker will do all the hard work for you so you're always in control of your cash.

Watch the product tutorial here.

  • Can be used in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. When you purchase the product, you will receive a download link to a zip file with both Excel and Google Sheet formats. Appropriate for any currency.

    BUDGET Plan a budget of up to 3 years. Input planned income and spending to work out what you can realistically afford.

    SAVINGS Input your savings goals. How much you want to save and at what point you want to make the purchase. See if these savings fit in with your planned budget. 

    ACTUAL Track your actual income, spending and saving month by month for up to 3 years.

    SUMMARY See how your actual figures compare to your budget. Analyse what went well and where you can improve.

  • Budget trackers are intended only as a tool to support you with saving and budgeting goals. Any steps, or decisions made as a result of using this product are entirely at your discretion. Backpacking Bananas accepts no liability for actions taken.

    It is not permitted to share any element of the product you’ve purchased with anyone else, electronically or in other forms. Your product is only intended to be used by the purchaser. Sharing it with anyone else violates copyright law and by doing so, the seller reserves the right to seek financial and legal ramifications.

    This product is non-transferable and non-refundable.