Globetrotter Budget Tracker

Globetrotter Budget Tracker


The ultimate budget tracking tool for a multi-country trip. Manage your finances like a boss while you're travelling with the Globetrotter Budget Tracker. This budget tracker is a tool to assist you with tracking your spend against budget on a multi-country trip.

With a very easy-to-follow inputs process, the tracker will do all the hard work for you so you never lose track of what you're spending on-the-go.

Watch the product tutorial here.

  • Input up to 15 countries, 100 different places and up to 6 months worth of data and calculations.

    Track your spending in the local currency and see these amounts converted to your home currency, allowing you to compare your actual spend to your initial budget day by day.

    As you input your spending on your trip, the budget tracker will let you know whether you've underspent or overspent that day as well as over the whole trip to date.

    The Globetrotter Budget Tracker also includes a summary which shows breakdowns, by country and by place, of your actual spend versus budget. So you can analyse in which countries and places you were sensible and in which you blew your budget.